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Spousal Support Payments & Property Division

Understand Your Rights with the Guidance of Our Peekskill Divorce Attorney

Spousal maintenance, or spousal support payments, are determined during divorce proceedings. Through this process, our divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Audrey J Lutz Parma PC represents your rights, making sure that you are either receiving the support you need and deserve, or that you are not asked to pay more than is appropriate.

If you are settling your case in court, the judge will review:

  • Each spouse's earning potential and level of education
  • Current financial state of each spouse, including any outstanding debts
  • The length of the marriage
  • Unique needs of either spouse, including disabilities or health care needs
  • The terms of the prenuptial agreement, if one exists

Equitable Property Division

During a divorce, you are likely to face the question of property division. Ideally, your property division case is settled outside of court. An uncontested divorce moves smoothly, with both parties acting amiably toward one another. In order for a mediated divorce to proceed, both spouses must be willing to treat each other with respect, especially when it comes to valuing and dividing assets. Should you be unable to reach an agreement with your former spouse, our divorce attorney is ready and able to represent your interests in court.

When considering the terms of your property division, the court will consider the following factors and more:

  • Retirement accounts

  • Jointly owned land and property
  • Investments
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Financial status of each spouse
  • Vehicles, including RVs and boats
  • Income acquired during the marriage

Any property you owned before the marriage will not be part of the division. In addition, inheritance and personal injury compensation will usually be exempt.

Free Consultations & Affordable Rates

If you are just beginning your divorce, you likely have many questions. When it comes to determining spousal maintenance, the New York courts review several factors. Knowing these items ahead of time can give you peace of mind as you enter into the actual negotiations.

As your divorce attorney, it is our job to review these terms with you ahead of time so that you feel fully prepared. We offer convenient appointment times, including evening and weekend appointments, to provide you with access to the answers you need through your divorce.

We also provide:

  • Free consultations
  • Flexibility for clients with financial concerns
  • Personalized attention to every case
  • Honest and practical legal counsel
  • A divorce attorney willing to travel to you

Trust in our team to provide you with the guidance you need to successfully navigate the negotiation of your spousal support payments and property division concerns. For more than five years, our Westchester County divorce firm has served our clients' needs first. If you feel that retaining an attorney will cause an undue financial burden to your family, we will work with you to help you afford our representation.

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