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At the Law Offices of Audrey J. Lutz Parma PC, we do not take sides while handling a divorce matter. We stay strictly neutral and do not impose solutions. We function largely as an impartial third party who helps divorcing spouses identify their post-divorce needs and explore all available options.

The final result of a mediated divorce is an agreement which you and your spouse have created to meet your unique needs and interests and costs a fraction of the cost of traditional or contested divorces. As your marital mediation lawyer, it is our duty to help ensure your decisions are sound, legally based, and compliant with New York State Domestic Relations Law. Our firm takes this a step further and makes sure your final agreement sets you and your family up for post-divorce success.

Marital Mediation: Is it Right for My Family?

Divorce is notoriously complex, emotional, and expensive. Because legal matters can be so sensitive, a divorce typically can involve serious battles between separating spouses that can cost you time, money, and headaches. Many divorcing couples prefer to take a more peaceful or cooperative approach to divorce, and many choose marital mediation because it is a cheaper solution to highly priced contested matters.

What is marital mediation? Marital mediation is known as a non-adversarial alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Couples will have an opportunity to negotiate specific issues without court involvement.

There are many advantages to marital mediation:

  • It enables you to decide all issues involved in the dissolution of the marriage
  • It is confidential and conducted in a safe environment
  • It costs far less than divorce litigation and takes far less time

Most importantly, marital mediation allows people to stay in control of things like distribution of property, post-divorce parenting, child support, and spousal maintenance.

  • The first meeting is to identify all assets, liabilities, and list all relevant issues you and your spouse wish to consider/resolve.
  • The second meeting is to go over any issues which you have mutually resolved and identify any open issues and possible solutions.
  • The third meeting is to resolve any other remaining issues.
  • The fourth meeting is to go over the proposed agreement. Additional meetings can be scheduled, if it becomes necessary.

Once you have a separation agreement in place, we can then proceed to an uncontested divorce which is the filing of numerous documents. Because you have already mediated all aspects of your divorce, the filing process will not take as long and you may not even have to appear in court. If you would like to speak with a legal professional who is prepared to handle your marital mediation matter, do not wait another moment.

Call the Westchester County marital mediation lawyer at the Law Offices of Audrey J. Lutz Parma PC today.

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