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Peekskill Child Custody Arrangements

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At the Law Offices of Audrey J. Lutz Parma PC, we work diligently to protect the best interests of your children. During a divorce or separation, the youngest members of a family are often subjected to significant emotional stress. It is our job as your attorney to provide your children with the best possible protection to work toward a smoother transition as we navigate the sensitive negotiations of child custody arrangements. We have served Westchester County with affordable legal assistance for more than five years.

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When the well-being of your children is at stake, consult with our experienced Peekskill divorce attorney for guidance. Child custody arrangements can be complicated. We make sure you know what is taken into consideration when building the terms of child custody, so that you can be prepared.

When establishing child custody, the court will review several factors, including:

  • The interests of the children
  • Any history of domestic abuse or violence in either parent
  • The relationship of each parent to the children
  • The ability of each parent to financially provide for the children

We have represented many versions of the child custody case, including modifications to a previous arrangement, grandparent's rights, and joint custody agreements.

We Give Your Children A Voice

The divorce or separation experience is exhausting and frightening for many children. We give you and your children the confidence to navigate this difficult time. Knowing that you have an experienced, competent legal representative on your side, working toward your goals, can bring peace as you and your children move forward into this new chapter of your lives.

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