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Audrey J. Lutz Parma, Esq.

Our Dedicated Peekskill Divorce Attorney

Everyone has need of legal services at different points of their life. Audrey J. Lutz Parma, Esq. is passionately dedicated to providing legal services to the growing number of individuals who cannot afford expensive hourly billing attorneys, but at the same time have legal needs and are well above the threshold to qualify for a Legal Aid attorney or other non-profit legal service.

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Professional Background

Audrey isn't just a lawyer. Prior to establishing her law practice, Audrey spent six years as an analyst for the Internal Revenue Service, followed by over 20 years as an executive responsible for day-to-day operations of two major technology companies.

At Prodigy Internet, as Senior Vice President of Business Operations and Integration, she was responsible for the nationwide launch of the first consumer web browser for an online service and the merger and acquisition of the leading ISP in Mexico. Following Prodigy Internet, Audrey served as CEO of an Internet start-up for which she raised $35 million investment capital.

During her career, Audrey has done business with numerous online, manufacturing, fulfillment, and service businesses. Audrey has drafted, negotiated, and (most importantly) closed hundreds of contracts and agreements with almost every major internet company out there, including Prodigy, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Netscape, Amazon.com as well as dozens of traditional brick-and-mortar companies such as MCI, Acer, NEC, Motorola, American Express, Virgin, and many more. She has a depth of technology knowledge and experience that most other attorneys don't, and she understands the unique challenges and opportunities that face start-up businesses.

Audrey is a skilled negotiator who knows how to effectively advocate for her clients' best interests. Her prior experience in negotiating contract agreements with major companies has given her the ability to face intimidating opposition head-on and navigate even the most complicated cases. As a lawyer, her primary goal and priority is fighting to achieve her clients' desired outcomes in divorce negotiations.

Bar Admission

  • Admitted New York State, Federal Southern District, Federal Eastern District

Volunteer Experience

  • Raised over $25,000 in private and corporate funds for Downstate JVB, a local 501(c) non-profit charity
  • Structured member contract, managed dispute resolution, prepared for and attended court proceedings
  • Organized social and cultural activities and supervised travel

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